​​​​Showing God's ​Love Through His People​

What should I wear?
"One objection that people often have is, “I don’t have anything to wear so I can’t come to church”. I’ve had quite a few stories from people who said they were able to share, “Well our pastor usually wears jeans and a t-shirt to preach in so as long as you have something like that, you’ll fit right in”. In the same way, I’ve had new people tell me how comfortable it made them feel and how much more relatable I was because of the casual environment. The apostle Paul said, “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some”. So for me if dressing casually will help remove barriers that might be keeping people from coming into a relationship with Jesus then I’m all for it. (Excerpt from gilbertthurston.com) So our dress code is "Please Do!"


What Should I Wear?

​​​Where do we meet?
We meet at 507 Sylamore ave n Mountain View, Arkansas.

Mailing Address is PO Box 2727, Mountain View, Arkansas 72560
Contact Phone (870)269-6001
E-mail: siloamfellowship7@gmail.com

What can I expect?
When you walk in the door, you’ll be welcomed by a smiling face. Whether you’re looking for childcare, a place to sit, or just want more information, a volunteer is always nearby to help you.

What are the services like?
During our worship service, you can expect upbeat, contemporary music in a variety of styles as well as a message that will give you practical steps you can take as you grow to becoming more like Christ.

What if I have children?

Children are some of the most important people we have in church. We have great environments for your children during our service times.

Kids ( Infant - Kindergarten) - Our volunteers are ready to offer your children a loving look at who God is.

Kids (1st Grade - 6th Grade) - Our focused staff guides your children in a focused direction of understanding their purpose in life. They are shown that they have a place in this world and are the "champions" and leaders of others.